Alcohol Rehab Success Could Save Your Life


Alcohol Rehab Success is Possible

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, over 15 million adults currently suffer from an alcohol addiction. While this number is staggering and continually growing, it is possible to overcome alcoholism. Seeking an addiction treatment center that offers personalized alcohol addiction treatment is your first step. Discover what your options for alcohol rehab success are. Whether you choose alcohol rehab in Boise or Miami, you can get well.

smiling man in plaid shirt experiences alcohol rehab success


A medically managed detox program helps you to safely rid your body of toxins from alcohol.

Intensive Outpatient

Prefer to go home at night or already completed inpatient? An IOP gives you more freedom and flexibility.


During inpatient treatment, you’ll receive around-the-clock accountability and care from medical professionals and counselors.


For individuals with less severe addictions, outpatient treatment allows them to keep living life while attending treatment.

Extended Care

These programs are inpatient and generally last 90 days or more for people who want more time to achieve alcohol rehab success.


Regardless of which program you choose, an aftercare program helps you with relapse prevention for life. This may include group therapy or meetings.

Partial Hospitalization

With a little more flexibility than inpatient treatment, PHP allows you to live in sober home while you get treatment.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Your treatment program should offer care that treats both to your addiction and any underlying mental illnesses.